Sunday, November 25, 2007

12 Days of Rehearsal

This is a little ditty I wrote together with Peter Kempter back in 1987 or so, when we worked for his dad Dale Kempter and also James Bonnell at the Albuquerque Public Schools music department during the summer. I'm sure you can tell we were working really hard!

The 12 Days of Rehearsal

On the first day of rehearsal, the director gave to me, a
part to a piece I'd never seen.

On the second day of rehearsal, the director gave to me:
All of the bowings for the

On the third day of rehearsal, the director gave to me:
Three fingerings,

On the fourth day of rehearsal, something caught my eye:
Four different clefs,

On the fifth day of rehearsal, I started getting scared:

On the sixth day of rehearsal, we read a new movement:
key with six flats,

On the seventh day of rehearsal, we had to count out loud:
7/4 time,

On the eighth day of rehearsal, I nearly fell asleep:
80 bars of rest,

On the ninth day of rehearsal, I had to watch the beat:
nine different tempos,

For the 10th day of rehearsal, I practiced really hard:
10,000 notes,

On the 11th day of rehearsal, we read the whole piece through:
11 long movements,

On the 12th day of rehearsal, the concert was that night:
1,200 listeners!

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