Friday, October 27, 2006

My uncle, Jerry McNerney for Congress!

My mom's younger brother Jerry McNerney is running for US congress in California's 11th district, to unseat Pombo, the republican incumbent. I've known Jerry all my life, since he lived in Albuquerque until I was in high school. And I can tell you this: he is a man of integrity. And he's wicked smart, having earned a PhD in Mathematics. When I was a freshman in high school, I had to do a term paper for my math class, and he was instrumental in helping me find source material by leading me through the dusty archives in the University of New Mexico's library. He was always interested in talking about stuff like physics, Shostakovich, or chess. And he's always been interested in renewable energy, particularly wind-generated power. I think he's running for the right reasons: to help make change in a very personal way. He's willing to get involved and serve his constituents and his country by going through what must be a huge personal challenge to get there.

Four years ago, without support of the democratic party, and with only a grass-roots effort, he was able to do very well against Pombo, even though he ultimately lost the election. Now, he has the support of the Democratic party, having won the primary election. Ane he even has endorsements from prominent Republicans such as Pete McCloskey and Tom Benigno. General Wesley Clark has also endorsed Jerry.

Learn more about his campaign effort here.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Busiest Week of my Year?

Sure, I brought this on myself... but now that this week is upon me, I'm reflecting on all that must happen, and how it came to be.

Monday (today): a day at the office at Lectrosonics. We're finalizing the new price list, and I'm the project manager. Complete re-formatting (at my suggestion) and now we just have to finish all the different versions (two dealer types plus retail, each in XL, PDF and print). Tonight, rehearsal with the Albuquerque Philharmonic Orchestra. Our concert is on Sunday the 22nd... so there is only this rehearsal and the dress rehearsal Wednesday night before we perform this program. Oh, by the way, since I'm principal viola now, I'm in charge of bowings for the section. I finished the bowings for the Alhaj peices (four of them) just yesterday morning. So, before rehearsal, I need to make copies for each of the seven stands in the section. Gotta stop by Kinkos on the way there...

Tuesday: a day at the office at Lectrosonics, with the added activity of picking up a group of five people at the airport at about noon, then taking them to lunch. We're hosting an in-house training this week, and we have eight people attending. Followed by a (relatively) quiet evening at home.

Wednesday: a day at the office at Lectrosonics, started with a group breakfast at Weck's. Then we'll take the group on a tour of the factory before they begin their day-long training session. I'm not one of the instructors for the first day, but I'll be preparing for my 1/2 day training with them scheduled for Thursday morning. During the evening I'll be rehearsing with the Giovanni Quartet in preparation for a wedding gig in Edgewood, NM on Saturday the 21st.

Thursday: a day at the office at Lectrosonics, with me giving a 4-hour training on wireless microphones to a group of eight people visiting from around the US and one from Canada. During the evening, I'll be at the dress rehearsal for the APO concert upcoming on Sunday the 22nd.

Friday: a day at the office at Lectrosonics, with the added activity of taking a group of six people to the airport. A "normal" evening probably spent with a glass of Lagavulin scotch in my hand. And hopefully Jane won't have disowned me yet!

Saturday: haircut at 8:30am. Then I get to spend some time with my daughter for nearly the first time all week. 1:30pm: depart for Edgewood, NM for wedding and three hours of reception, with the quartet. Meanwhile, another complete quartet will be at the Tamaya resort for another wedding, with Shane in charge.

Sunday: 2:00pm APO concert at Keller Hall, at the University of New Mexico. Featured program is Dvorak's 6th Symphony in D Major, along with music by Alhaj. Should be a really nice concert. And then I can try to relax and get some rest before Monday the 23rd...