Wednesday, March 19, 2008

History and Analysis of Eroica Symphony

I ran across this detailed and interesting history and analysis of Beethoven's Third Symphony the "Eroica". Since our upcoming rehearsal on Monday evening will included the 1st movement, I plan to spend some time on my part this evening and possibly Friday. Like the 4th movement, the 1st movement is rather long, intricate, and somewhat challenging. There are a few lines that require attention, to be sure!

Interestingly, there are passages including rather dissonant harmonies, and then there is the famous "false entrance" of the horn right before the main theme is re-stated for the recapitulation. For many years after the debut of this piece, these passages were too dissonant for many listeners and were even "corrected" by well-meaning conductors, publishers and even composers! The blasphemy!


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