Monday, May 01, 2006

Wedding Season is On the Way...

Since organizing a string quartet again last year, I've been more aware of the seasonal trends in terms of weddings. Also, it's been interesting to observe the different kinds of brides. For the most part, couples that are hiring a quartet have already placed a premium on live music. And they are interested in having a classy event, thereby choosing string music. But from there, I've noticed differences in planning styles and approaches to organizing the weddings.

For one thing, some brides are very aware of exactly what music they want for their ceremony and even the reception. They have already done an extensive search for music, listened to CDs and online examples, and consulted with their curch about their choices. Other couples are more easy going about the music and just want the traditional tunes, and for it to be "nice". We of course accommodate either style. In fact it's fun to help the couple choose their music.

Also, of course there is a vast difference between the couples that plan really far in advance and those that wait until the last minute. Again, we try to accommodate both types, but I think the planners have the advantage because they will be able to book the right venues, the right musical groups, and everything else. Due to the seasonal nature of the business, May, June and July get very busy! I have a feeling that any open dates we have left will be booked within a few more weeks.

To help with the process, we've added a tip sheet for hiring musicians. So far, this page has seen a little bit of traffic, but I thought it would generate more visitation. Perhaps it's a matter of time until people find this material.

Overall, it's actually very enjoyable to works with brides and grooms to help provide the music for their special event. They are always in such a good mood because of the wedding!


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