Thursday, November 12, 2009

Delta Northwest Airlines... No Response

Recently, I went to Japan on a business trip. On my return, I flew NWA/Delta from Tokyo to LAX Los Angeles, then had a connection from there back to Albuquerque. The flight from Tokyo Narita was delayed by 2.5 hours without any explanation, and thus I missed my connecting flight home and had to spend additional money and several hours of waiting at LAX. Below is the letter I sent to Delta/Northwest.

I used their web form to send the letter, and carefully filled in the flight number, ticket number, confirmation number, and all the other required details.

I have yet to receive a reply.

October 28, 2009
RE: NW Flight 2
Dear Delta/Northwest Airlines

Much about this flight was fine, including professional flight attendants, food, entertainment, and the flight itself, but I wanted to comment on some specific issues.

1. The flight was delayed in departing by 2.5 hours. This flight and one other Delta/NW flight were the only two on the entire board at Tokyo Narita that were delayed. No reason was given for the delay.

2. Several announcements were made that "if you miss your connecting flight in Los Angeles, please go to a Delta or Northwest customer service agent to be re-routed to your destination."

3. Despite having a planned 3-hour layover in LAX, I missed my connecting flight on another airline. Part of the reason for this, beyond arriving more than 2 hours late, was that baggage was very slow to be delivered to baggage claim. I waited quite some time for my bag. One thing to note is that bags went onto two separate carousels (one for Delta, one for Northwest) and this was not clear to the passengers, causing confusion and costing time.

4. Once I had my bag and cleared customs, I approached the Delta/NW ticket counter, as instructed, for help in getting home to Albuquerque. I was told that because my connecting flight was on another carrier, that I was out of luck. As mentioned above, the announcements about this did not state "IF your connecting flight is on Delta/NW...." only that we should go to the Delta/NW ticket counter if we missed our connections.

5. To get home, I had to pay a $116 up-charge with my carrier, and spend several extra hours at LAX. The receipt for this is available on request - I can email, fax or mail a copy if needed.

Although I'm sure you have a specific policy about this, I don't think this is right, and I don't think Delta/NW did a good job at all of communicating with me or other passengers. I am requesting to be reimbursed for this extra cost of $116. Not in a travel voucher, please. This was money out of my company's pocket.

Thank you for your time.


Karl Winkler


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