Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Old Violin

What songs do you have, worn into the very grain of your wood? Who's soft hands have caressed you over the decades - coaxed sweet sound from your strings? Maybe you've propeled people to dance, or entertained the family in a warm inviting home. Or perhaps you've even kept someone from lonliness by providing a willing partner for making soft music from the heart.

And what of the miles you've traveled, in your well-worn case? Starting out as trees - maple, spruce, ebony. Then under the skilled hands of the master craftsman you took form and were given a new kind of life. Perhaps somewhere in Germany or Austria? And while you made your long journey across miles and through time, wars were waged, lands were settled, cities were built, science discovered new things and governments rose and fell. And yet your function never wavered. When called upon, you made music!

After lying fallow and indeed in disrepair for these recent years, again a craftsman has restored your health, mended your wounds, and prepared you for the return to a life of music. And from the first few notes it is already clear you are ready, once again, to warm the hearts of willing partners and listeners alike.

Photo of the Old Violin


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